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While away in the EU you can contact us by using the form below - or by calling our mobile +61 428 81 7575

....and we will be collecting email (as frequently as possible) for the following email accounts:, &
Other mail accounts (business) will generally take a little longer to answer as we will not always be on reliable (secure) online connections to collect these mail accounts.

To contact us via a hotel on a particular day during our travels -
please see the Itinerary page for dates & individual establishment's details

We are somewhere here - 01. - 23.Sept 2013

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Home/Office Address

29 Orestes Street, San Remo WA 6210, Australia
We are NOT there between 01. - 27.Sept 2013

Home/Office Phone: +61.8 9581 7575 (messages only)

... reach us on our mobile: +61 428 81 7575